Why Underwear?


     1. In addition; also: When you buy a pair for yourself, the company donates a pair too.                               

Our story starts in February of 2013 when my husband and I lost a very close friend.  Terry was an Emmy Award winning TV Producer at the top of his career but Terry had a dark secret he kept to himself.  On February 10, 2013 he passed away from complications caused by addiction.  Terry was very good at hiding his vice and his death came as a shock to everyone, including his family.  


Sara & Kevin Goryl, Founders, Too Apparel

On the drive home from Terry's memorial service, my husband vowed to donate and volunteer in Terry's memory as a way to help others trying to beat addiction.  When he returned we did an internet search for "things to donate" and at the top of list after list was "underwear".  

A few weeks earlier, while shopping for a pair of flip-flops, my husband noticed, what he described at the time as an, "odd little canvas shoe" on display at the shoe store.  That was the first time he had read about TOMS Shoes and Blake Mycoskie's One-For-One shoe mission.  He left the shoe store that day with a pair of navy blue TOMS instead of the flip-flops he was shopping for.  

These two events lead to the creation of the too mission, donating a pair of women's underwear to domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers and women's addiction recovery centers for every pair purchased.  

Why women's underwear?  We didn't just choose to design/develop/manufacture/market/sell women's underwear by chance.  I am an apparel technical designer and have worked on women's lines for both the May Company in St. Louis and Under Armour in Baltimore and Hong Kong.  

Our undies have been developed for maximum comfort, all day long.  We use a stretchy and soft cotton as our fabric and they are designed without a restricting elastic band at the waist.  Our four styles were designed and developed by women for women.  They're just not a pair of underwear, they're too.

too. will donate one pair of women's underwear to non-profit organizations, like Women's and Children's Shelters, for every pair purchased.  Our first four styles; bikini, hipster, brief and thong are available right here.  Please share us with your friends on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and pin us on Pinterest to help spread the word.  Together we can make a difference, together we are too.


Thank you,

Sara Goryl 

Co-Founder, too apparel

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