Eucalyptus Shower Bouquet

Eucalyptus Shower Bouquet

22.00 every month

Turn your shower into a rainforest spa! Fresh cut eucalyptus harvested in the USA and shipped to you via Priority Mail Service, you won’t get fresher eucalyptus unless you go to the farm yourself! Let the fragrant branches open your sinuses and calm your mind as steam from your shower activates the essential oils on the plant helping you wake up, the natural way!

We will send you a fresh bouquet of eucalyptus branches, with a tie at the end to fasten to your shower head, every month so you can benefit from the blissful and therapeutic aroma every morning, all year long! Shipping is included in the price and you can cancel your subscription anytime you like!

Our eucalyptus is shipped out on the 15th of every month. If your order is placed prior to the 14th you will receive your shipment that same month. If your order is placed after the 14th you will receive your shipment the following month. We will also donate a pair of our underwear to a woman in need for every month you subscribe.