Turn your bathroom into a tropical rainforest spa with a bouquet of eucalyptus. The steam from your shower activates and diffuses the plant’s essential oils, creating a blissful and therapeutic aroma that’s been known to help open sinuses, sooth headaches, and melt stress away.


Wake up naturally, every morning

Like a cup of coffee, you will love the jumpstart a eucalyptus shower gives you in the morning. The #EucalyptusShower subscription sends you a fresh bouquet of eucalyptus every month and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Grown in the usa

Our organic eucalyptus is grown and harvested in the USA. Not only does that assure you receive the freshest eucalyptus possible, it also helps tree farmers across the country create jobs in their communities.




Because our eucalyptus is grown domestically we can get it from the tree to your shower in just days! Our eucalyptus will stay fresh in your shower for up to four weeks while branches from markets and stores typically stay fresh for only one week.