New Partners, New Panties and the Bank

We're playing the waiting game right now, waiting for manufacturers to send us the final samples so we can make a decision on which factory to purchase our products from.  We have seen even more growth on our facebook page and three more non-profit shelters have signed up as our partners.  The emails from these partner shelters and the awesome comments we've had from supporters has been great inspiration and reaffirms what we are doing.  One supporter wrote this on facebook, "This is a great idea! When I was at a womens shelter-rehab yrs ago , I gave a girl a new package of undies I had because she had only two pairs and had to wash them in the sink every night. It's only basic , until you need something like this!!!! I will most certainly buy from this site."  We will need to hire more employees as we grow and we will depend on our non-profit partners to help fill these positions.  It is our goal to find and or train survivors of domestic violence for every position at too.  Please share our Charitable Partners web page with anyone you know associated with a domestic violence shelter.

You spoke and we heard you loud and clear!  We've had many requests to add briefs to our first line of panties so we are!  Our VP of Design and Development is working on them right now and they will be submitted to the manufacturer along with the bikini, hipster and thong.  Thanks to everyone who spoke up, we can't do this without you! 

We also opened up our business account at a local bank in Cincinnati.  The two gentlemen we worked with at the bank loved our idea and promised to share our website with their wives.  While the Banker was entering our information into his computer he asked me, in a thick African accent, "What would you like your title to be?" I asked him what he meant and he said, "Your job title at the company, what would you like it to be?"  He proceeded to show me the options on the screen; CEO, President, Vice President, etc.  I told him to leave it blank.  He paused for a minute and said, "I've been doing this for 20 years and I have never seen someone leave their title blank.  They usually want to be President or CEO, have a big title.  I applaud your modesty.  I think you will be very successful."  I asked him if his vision of too.'s success was because of my modesty and he said, "No, it is because it is a great idea and because when I asked you which checks you would like for your account, you said, 'The cheapest'."