He died way too young...

One year ago today the world lost a really great guy, Terry Wayne Wheelock.  Terry was an Emmy Award winning TV producer, amazingly talented with the personality to match.  Terry lost his battle with addiction and passed away 2/10/13 at just 35 years old.  


Terry at The White House  Correspondents' Dinner.

Terry at The White House Correspondents' Dinner.

I was fortunate to have known Terry professionally and socially.  We became great friends as we both traveled around the country working in the television industry.  His parents held a memorial service in Tennessee last year and it was on the drive home from the funeral that the first inspirational spark ignited.  I was having a hard time with his death, wasn't there anything else I could have done to help him... save his life?  

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Somewhere in the hills of Tennessee I decided to help/volunteer at an addiction rehabilitation center.  It was while researching Cincinnati area recovery centers online that I first discovered the need for new underwear at shelters.  I'm proud to announce that too. has been working closely with about 40 women at Brighton Center, an addiction recovery center.  The strong and brave women of Brighton Center are going through one of the toughest battles they'll ever have and yet they've shared their time with us to brainstorm ways to better the too movement.  They've inspired us, encouraged us and kept us on track.  The emotional stories they've shared with us have reminded us why we're doing this.  As one woman said, "It's just a pair of underwear until you don't have anything.  Receiving a free pair of underwear from too would remind me that there are people out there who care about me and want to see me get through this program." RIP Terry and thank you for leading us down this road and helping us make a difference.  


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