The #metoo Pledge

We wanted to create an "Empowerment Pledge", for women to share with family and friends, as a way to kick off the too brand.  So we visited Brighton Center for Women in Northern Kentucky to brainstorm on what we should put in our pledge.  The Director of Brighton Center, Anita, was kind enough to set up a brainstorm session with about 40 of the women living at the center.  

After explaining our company mission to these ladies, many of them broke into tears.  One lady explained that knowing that receiving something like an underwear donation from a too customer reminds her that there are people out there who care about her and that want to see her get back on her feet gives her hope and inspiration, the other women all agreed.  

too. brainstorm session at Brighton Center

too. brainstorm session at Brighton Center

Our brainstorm with these women resulted in us scrapping all of the original pledge ideas we had and coming up with the following #metoo pledge.  When we went back to read the pledge to the ladies a couple of weeks later, they loved it and felt that we were able to capture the emotion from our first brainstorming session in the words of the pledge.  Please sign our pledge, join the too. movement and share it with your friends on facebook/twitter/pinterest.  Together we can make a difference, together we are too.  Click here if you want to take the pledge too.

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