Thanks to you 14 shelters from all across the country are receiving much needed underwear donations! Survivors of DV, SA and addiction will not have to go without clean underwear because of your orders, your tweets and you sharing our story with family and friends!

Some of the underwear donations headed to 14 DV Shelters.

Some of the underwear donations headed to 14 DV Shelters.

Too underwear donations have been sent to the following organizations; 1736 Family Crisis Center, Women's Lunch Place, Friends of Guest House, Sojourner Center, Turning Point, OPCC, WEAVE, Catalyst, Laurel House, Safe Quest, Ohio Domestic Violence Network, Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence, South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and TESSA.  These organizations help Survivors of DV in California, Colorado, Ohio, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Massachusetts.  

We are able to make these donations because of your purchases from  The more we sell, the more we can donate so please continue to share our mission with your friends and family, together we can make a difference, together we are too.