Is Facebook Sexist?

Facebook's Sexist Double Standard

As many of you know, we are launching a KickStarter (crowdfunding) campaign to expand our underwear styles.  As part of this campaign we are running Facebook Ads to get other do-gooders, like yourselves, informed about our buy-one, give-one underwear mission.  Take a look at this ad, rejected by Facebook due to, "People in explicit or suggestive positions, or images that show nudity or cleavage."  

Rejected Facebook Ad

Okay, we get it, Facebook is a family friendly place so no risky pics but a woman laying down in more clothes than a bathing suite, reading a book?!?!?  That's too risky?  On the flip side, take a look at some of the photos Facebook let us use promoting our new men's line, it's safe to say these pics are showing WAY more skin but apparently they are perfectly acceptable because they are men.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Images Facebook Accepted

UPDATE 5/23/16:  We petitioned Facebook about our ad and we got a response, the ad was APPROVED!  Standing up for equality can actually make a difference!  

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