Too Apparel Kickstarter Campaign

In this section we will be explaining crowdfunding and KickStarter.  If you are already familiar with crowdfunding but would like more information about Too Apparel, click here.

KickStarter is a crowdfunding website that allows small companies, like Too Apparel, to reach thousands of people on the internet to raise funds for launching new product lines.  Our manufacturers need to order fabric and set their machines to produce our underwear and to do so they have minimum order requirements.  For us to meet the minimum order requirement, we have to raise the funds and that's where KickStarter comes in.

KickStarter allows us to raise the funds needed for the minimum order.  We will have several different levels of support offered to our funders, starting at just $5.  Each level comes with a reward; all of the rewards have a retail value higher than the amount of the donation so you will get the best deal on Too Apparel and exclusive "supporter only" items by supporting us through KickStarter.  

KickStarter is an "All or Nothing" crowdfunding site.  We set a predetermined fundraising goal and if we meet it or exceed it we get the funds.  If we don't meet our goal all of the money is returned to the funders.  Our goal will be set to the bare minimum it will cost us to produce our new line of men's underwear.  That is why we need your help sharing our campaign with your friends on social media, so we can meet our goal and expand our brand!  You can take a look some KickStarter examples by clicking here.

Since we are an established online retailer with hundreds of satisfied customers, we offer no risk to our Supporters.  Each reward level will offer either men's or women's apparel, this will be the best deal we've ever offered on Too undies!  We'll also be offering an exclusive Too Apparel t-shirt that is only available through our KickStarter campaign.  Finally, there will be limited "early bird" offers that allow you to donate a lesser amount but still receive the same award.  To be one of the first supporters and cash-in on the early bird offers, enter your email below and we'll let you know the second our KickStarter campaign goes live.

Kevin GorylComment