$1 Can Make A Big Difference

Dear Friends,

Our campaign is down to 36 days and we have a long way to go.  A $1 pledge on our Kickstarter Campaign can go a long way to helping thousands of Women all over the country.  Yes, you read that correctly, just $1 can make a HUGE difference!

To benefit from the full effect of Kickstarter's massive marketing machine we need to constantly show activity on our campaign and one of the metrics Kickstarter uses is 'Number of Pledges'.  So, by backing us with just a $1 pledge you are helping put our campaign in front of Kickstarter's five million users!  

GOOD NEWS, by pledging just $1 or more we will send you a promo code good for $2 off any order on www.weartoo.com.  So by pledging $1, we are giving you $2 back!  If we do not reach our $15,000 goal you will not be charged and you can still use the $2 off promo code at www.weartoo.com!  So really you have nothing to lose!  Please visit this link and click on the first reward option to pledge $1 or more and help us meet our goal and gain thousands of new underwear donations for our nonprofit partners and the women they serve.  

Thank you, Sara

Just $1 can help us make a difference

Just $1 can help us make a difference

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