Historic but Still Invisible?

Front page of the Washington Post, 7/27/16

Front page of the Washington Post, 7/27/16

This is not a political post and we are not publicly endorsing any candidate.  This post is to address the photo you see above, the front page of the Washington Post on the day after a major political party nominated a female as their presidential candidate for the first time in the history of our country.  Who's photo did they use for the article?  SMH, her husband!  Now it's not fair to just single out the Washington Post; many, many major newspapers used the exact same photo, some even used a photo of Bernie Sanders.  

Whether you like her or not, it's hard to disagree with the fact that Hillary has paved her own path to this historic nomination.  Yes her husband is a former President but many believe that she helped pave his path to the Oval Office.  She is a champion of women's rights, equality and the welfare of our children.  Using a photo of her husband to mark this historical nomination is a slap in the face to women everywhere; shame on you newspaper editors, shame on you!  Here is how we'd like to remember history:

Hillary Clinton's Historic Nomination

What are you thoughts on his?

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