2017 Person of the Year

2017 has been just about as wild of a year as I've witnessed. We saw our first female major party Presidential candidate lose a close race to... well... you know. I like to look for the silver lining in everything and if there is a sliver lining to Donald Trump winning the Presidency it's the awakening of the American Woman. Since we crowned our Pu*** Grabber in Chief, courageous women have spoken out as Survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment. They've brought down powerful men from Washington, DC to Hollywood, exposing them for the creeps that they are. Decades of cover ups, looking the other way and sweeping these stories under the rug have come to an end... American Women have a message to the world and it's a powerful one. Time Magazine, if you're reading this, your 2017 Person of the Year needs to be the American Woman. 


Kevin GorylComment