Will You Help?

We're asking our Supporters to help us solve a major problem at women & children's shelters all across the country...

Underwear is one of the most under-donated items in America.  Shelters depend on donations for clothing and most people donate used clothes but, for obvious reasons, shelters don't accept used underwear.  This leaves a constant shortage of a basic necessity many of us take for granted, clean underwear.

Too Apparel is trying to solve this problem.  Partnered with more than 50 women & children's shelters in the USA, we donate a new pair of underwear for every pair purchased.  Our donations go to Survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and addiction.  We are reaching out to all of our Twitter Followers, asking them to help us fulfill this need in our communities.  If just half of our Twitter Followers purchase just 1 pair for $10, with free shipping, we'll be able to supply our first 25 partnered shelters with 200 pair each!  

We completely understand that not everyone can afford a $10 pair of underwear and that our styles/colors aren't for everyone.  So, if you cannot purchase a pair now, we'd like to ask you to share our mission with friends and family.  You could share a link to this blog or tell your friends and family about our mission.  We are a small start-up company, we cannot compete with the larger underwear companies without your help.



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